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Creating A Revolution In Learning English

English Explosion began with a belief in English fluency for all English learners. The aim of English Explosion is to create a community of confident and high performing English speakers. We have sought to build a program that will best prepare English learners to speak English confidently and effectively in all situations.

English Explosion is many things. Primarily, it's an English course developed by Trainers Mike and Shawnie over the last decade. English Explosion is also the community that is growing quickly with high performing English speakers. This community is made up of the New English Speakers (NES)

The (NES) are confident, powerful, and effective when they speak English.

The (NES) follow one core belief that is changing the way they learn to speak English. The (NES) don't study English, they SPEAK English.

Today, English Explosion provides training seminars throughout the world for students, schools, businesses and English teachers.

It's time for you to Start Speaking English like a native.

Join English Explosion and join the (NES)