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The Best Way To Master English Fluency
Are you ready to start speaking English exactly like a native speaker? Use the SHADOWING technique and get FAST, GUARANTEED SUCCESS with your English speaking! Shadowing is a language learning technique that makes learning English similar to how you learned your first language. You focus on repeating sounds exactly as you hear them. It’s the best way not only to master native speech, but accent and intonation as well. It requires the learner to repeat a portion of native-speaker dialogue simultaneously, while listening to it. Basically, you listen to native-speaker dialogue and as you hear it, even if you don’t understand it, you repeat the sounds at the same time. shadow 1 In our lessons we give our students text guides of the important phrases that are used in the conversations. Students can use these text guides to check the meaning of any phrases that they don't understand. After using the text guides, our students get right back to listening to the audio lessons and answering the questions in the audios, out loud.    We use a question and answer format, which is very powerful and helps our students to start speaking quickly and naturally, using the correct tense. The magic of our question and answer lessons is that our students learn to speak using correct grammar, but they learn naturally without studying the boring grammar rules. We always tell our students to STOP using grammar books and to START listening to real, native-speaker dialogue. This is what you need to do, and you will quickly see the results. When you become a confident and fluent English speaker, you will have unlimited opportunities and success. Just remember that you need to stop studying English and you need to start speaking English. Just like you did with your own native language. The English Explosion Team

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